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The Ultimate Mojito Gift Pack

The Ultimate Mojito Gift Pack

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In the Pack:

  • Jamrock Rum 1 x 500ml
  • 4-in-1 Multi -Purpose Mortar x 1 unit
  • Nettari Mojito Mint Flavoured Syrup 1 x 750ml
  • Metal Cocktail Shaker 1 x 700ml


Having friends over for lunch?  Why not show off your cocktail-making skills with a fresh, zesty Mojito as a welcoming drink.

In this cocktail creating gift set, Jamaica truly meets Africa! The Jamrock Jamaican-styled rum is full flavoured with a fruity richness and triple pot stilled.  Create a name for yourself amongst your friends, as the best mixologist of the Mojito, finding the ultimate balance between Jamrock Rum, Nettari Mojito Mint Flavoured Syrup, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and soda water.  Tools included in this pack, to help you with your creation, are a four-in-one multi-purpose mortar consisting of a squeezer, peeler, measuring cup and muddler and of cause the cocktail shaker, adding a little bit of drama to your mojito-making skills!



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