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Blackwood Spirits Old Tom Gin

Blackwood Spirits Old Tom Gin

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In the Bottle:

  • Type – Old Tom
  • Volume - 500ml
  • Alcohol - 43%
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Old Tom Gin is a sweeter style of gin popular in 18th century London. Historically this style of gin was sweetened to mask the harsh flavour of the base spirit. By the 19th century distilling methods had improved and Old Tom simply came to mean a sweetened, heavier style of gin.

Using modern distilling methods, our Old Tom Gin has been crafted based on research of methods and tools available at that time. Back then when Old Tom gin was being made, there were no glass bottles, so gin was generally transported in a variety of casks or barrels from distillery to pub. To align with this history, this Old Tom has had light oak influence which has imparted a sweeter vanilla note. This, together with the addition of liquorish and cinnamon, has enhanced the subtle sweetness. Additional spices have been added to make this a smooth aromatic tipple.

A gin that can be sipped on its own, but with the addition of a large block of ice and a twist of orange, it enhances the aromatic flavours. A splash of tonic or soda water is also highly recommended. Alternatively add ginger beer for an extra dimension to the flavour profile.


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