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Blackwood Spirits Husk Spirit (Grappa)

Blackwood Spirits Husk Spirit (Grappa)

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In the Bottle:

  • Type – Grappa
  • Volume - 500ml
  • Alcohol - 43

**  Awarded a silver at the 2021 Michelangelo Wine & Spirit awards & Awarded a gold at the 2021 SA Women’s Wine & Spirit awards.

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Our Husk Spirit (Grappa) is made from grape pomace sourced from a local Hout Bay winery.

The pomace is fermented by ourselves and then double distilled in a copper still. What we love about this product is that we are making use of grapes which were destined for the compost heap, but before reaching this useful recycling phase we first upcycle it into our flavoursome grappa!

This is best enjoyed as an after dinner digestif with a cup of coffee and piece of dark chocolate.


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