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Above & Beyond African Dry Gin

Above & Beyond African Dry Gin

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In the Bottle:

  • Type - London Dry
  • Volume - 750ml
  • Alcohol - 43%

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This beautiful gin is made in a London Dry style, but because we are on African soil, it was decided to call it African Dry.

It is juniper driven due to the higher percentage of juniper berries used. The most prominent tones on the nose are grapefruit, lemon and mandarin orange, which is elegantly paired with coriander, liquorice and angelica root. Perfectly balanced botanicals make this gin a crowd pleaser.

All fresh ingredients (7 in total) are soaked in 61.5 Vol% overnight. The next morning the distillation process is started and after running for about 4 hours, the first signs of gin emerge. A controlled column potstill is used to ensure purity of flavours.

The gin is allowed to rest for a month to ensure that all the flavours marry.

In the final process, the gin is diluted with filtered mountain water.


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