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Enjoy Wine in South Africa

For a long time, South Africa has been deeply influenced by the diet culture of eastern countries and African countries. It formed its own unique diet culture and many tourists are impressed by the delicious dishes in South Africa.

Vast lands, golden deserts, tropical vegetation that can combat drought and black race are always the overall impression of Africa for people. In 1488, the Portuguese navigator Dias discovered Cape of Good Hope and opened the road leading to prosperous eastern countries. Since then, South Africa has been making efforts to develop into the only developed country in the African continent.

As for the origin of wine in South Africa, it can trace back to the first settlers from the Netherlands 300 years ago. These settlers were the first people who introduced wine into Europe. Soon, Huguenots of France began to produce wine with Dutch and brought in knowledge and techniques about the production of French wine.

It may surprise many people that Africa also produces wine. Now, the Cape Town in the southwest corner of South Africa is the main wine producing area. Large and small vineyards centralize or scatter in the Western Cape Town and the Northern Cape Town. About 90% of the wine from South Africa is produced here. The climate in Western Cape region is totally different from other parts. It is under the influence of two oceans, so the climate here is more partial to the Mediterranean climate. Ample sunshine and warm weather in Western Cape Town are suitable for the growth of grapes. Besides, it is a wonderful place for enjoying holiday. Starting from the port of Cape Town, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the coastline. The pleasant climate attracts tourists worldwide every year and wine here added enjoyment of smell and taste to the travel.

In the dusk, tourists can stand in the balcony or in the courtyard, look into the distance amid the golden light of sunset and slowly enjoy a cup of wine. That kind of warm and lingering taste is like listening to music, making tourists truly appreciate the mystery and charm of this old continent.

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